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Coming together under one roof from 22 to 24 July 2016 in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria were people of diverse characters, different career paths and various heights yet with one thing in common – the desire to live the life they deserve.

“The Art of Living” was a three - days weekend event hosted by Lifebleach where participants spent time gaining new knowledge about life, their individualities and personality traits, and making lifetime friends. It was an activity-filled weekend which turned out to be a totally great experience for everyone who joined. Participants came from within Abuja, the South, the East and beyond Nigeria.

“I have been truly inspired to pursue my dreams after spending time with these wonderful people and would love to keep sharing the concept of Lifebleach with everyone I meet  as I want more people to imbibe the spirit of positive living. In Lifebleach I have also found a support structure”, says Vera from Portharcourt, one of the Lifebleachers – as we call anyone who imbibes the concept of making life fairer.

Charles Ujuagu (MD) who had just arrived Nigeria a few days prior to the event said he was glad to get connected to other brilliant people and felt quite refreshed for his next steps. He also gave a talk on “Healthy Living” which was one of the highlights of the weekend.

Another major highlight was a long brainstorming and structured talk session on ‘Situational Intelligence And Management’ facilitated by Mr Kazeem Sanusi, a Strategy Development Expert.

Featured throughout the weekend were lots of healthy meals, healthy snacks and healthy drinks that kept everyone really feeding healthy and staying refreshed.

After a fancy Indian dinner, the crew ended day two on a silly note with everyone bringing on all sorts of tones and pitches onto the karaoke mics. It was truly a weekend to be serious and silly.

The “Toss and Talk” ball was one of the activities that helped everyone get deeper insight into the lives of each person in the house; as everyone took turns to give answers to the questions on the ball which had a lot to do with sharing information about oneself with others as well as getting answers to mind-boggling questions.

Amidst the chit-chats and discussions throughout the weekend, everyone was able to appreciate the opinions of others regarding various topics in our everyday living, be informed on better ways of getting things done.

Discussions bothered around human anatomy, cultures, creating a healthy lifestyle, comedy skits, how to sell a nation’s image through our personal brands, how to nurture a business, personal opinions and how they impact lives of people around us, creating a side income while on a 9 to 5 job, how to affect people positively through your version of living and many more life defining topics. A couple of people were able to unlearn and relearn certain ideologies they have held on to over many years and, for them, that was very fulfilling.

Having spent two nights together in a house with different people, the importance of feedback as an important aspect of effective communication and as a relationship building tool was brought to the forefront at the end of the weekend event, as everyone had to give a written feedback about everyone else. This helped people see what impression they can leave on people within a short period in life, set a foundation for fostering friendships and also serve as a tool for self-improvement.

Based on the assumption that “Living a great life means interacting with the world in a way that gives us meaning and positive emotions without causing harm.”, “The Art of Living” indeed did define life as, “…the ability and time we have to interact with, and experience the world”.

"If you think life is unfair, BLEACH IT.

Common,don't be a nerd; when I say I bleach life, you know I mean….

LIVING THE LIFE I DESERVE!!!" - Precious Nwagboso


lifebleach promises to engage those who ultimately want to change their lifestyle by starting with a change in perspective.


there are no ifs or buts - you simply deserve better and together we will find a systematic approach to making this desired change.


it is the synergy you need to launch out your ideas, projects and businesses all towards a fairer life.

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