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A lot of beautiful things have happened in the past few years. Remarkably, I went from a size 18 to a size 12 in two years. A lot of people have been asking and wondering how that and many more awesome things happened in my life. Well, I bleached my life. I changed how I feel about life. Of course I changed what I eat and drink. I changed things I do. I changed how I do those things. I changed how I speak. I changed things I say. I changed how I relate with people. I changed my mode of Thanksgiving. I changed my formular for Happiness. I changed my thinking. And most especially I changed my way of life. This change is called metanoia. It is a change in perspective. It is objectivity beyond ourselves or our existing view of life. It is a transformation of our whole mental process.

At some point in life, we all really need metanoia, and that is why I created Lifebleach.
What then is Lifebleach? It is a new-minded way of looking at life. It is a platform for learning, new and brighter ways to live life according to your own terms.
The reorientation of our minds as a foundation for our journey on the path to exponential growth is the ideology behind the Lifebleach concept.
The objective of Lifebleach is to re-program our minds, which have received years of subconscious negative conditioning, to enable us create the clear path to the life we have always desired, through positive thinking, positive expressions, exploring, discovering, and embracing amazing opportunities in every aspect of life.

Life, they say, is unfair, but you can make a conscious effort to make it fair – Bleach it.
It is time for metanoia. It is time for a new mind and thought line about yourself and about life itself. It is truly time to bleach life.
I believe that by joining this community and applying the Lifebleach ideology, we will all be more productive and therefore live lives of freedom that is not only imaginable but attainable. A NEW BEGINNING!

Cheers to the fairer side of life.