• The Concept

    People say life is unfair, but the idea behind the LIFEBLEACH concept is to bleach life -- make it fairer, more colourful, and more fulfilling.


    Lifebleach is a lifestyle re-orientation platform for anyone who;

    • Needs a new sense of direction
    • Has the desire to make life fair(er)
    • Wants a better way of living and doing business
    • Requires synergy, support structure and systematic approach towards a more fulfilling life


    With this simple notion, no matter who you are, whether an entrepreneur, a Nine - to - Fiver, or just a business-savvy person, you will discover that you have an incredible tool to do, be and have all that you want in life, have a support base, get connected to superb people, stay recharged for your next steps and live life in full colours.


    Now, that is what a fair life is all about.

    Life doesn’t have to be sooooo hard.


    So, when next you hear someone say

    "Life is unfair"

    tell them

    "Bleach It"


    LIFEBLEACH is simply all about making life fairer!!!


    They are like-minded individuals (entrepreneurs, Nine-to-Fivers, business-savvy people, and anyone) who;

    • Believe that life indeed can be fair
    • Love to make life easier  – through positive thinking and actions
    • Encourage people to be the best they can be
    • Aspire to live life to its fullest
    • Create models and systems that make things work
    • Happily desire to live healthy and enjoy the good things of life while being the change they want to see in the world


    Welcome to our awesome resort where you can access the array of lifebleach activities

    They say ‘life is unfair’, we bleach it here.

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    Business Owners + Conversations

    • Africa > America > Asia > Australia> Europe >>>

    You have an exercise buddy, a drinking buddy, and even a movie buddy, why not get a bizzy buddy?

    You and your bizzy buddy will have wonderful opportunities on camping trips with other Lifebleachers, to help yourselves take your businesses to the next level through exchange of ideas, information, collaboration on projects and access to each other’s network of contacts

    The ABC of Bizzy Buddy

    Get inspired to work on your ideas, projects and/or businesses in a place close or away from home

    Establish and build connections and relationships that will translate to business networks and life-long friendships across the globe

    Team up with an accountability partner, a coach/mentor and other Lifebleachers


    • A working vacation with other Lifebleachers, aimed at giving you fresh insight/perspective and time to start your projects, brainstorm on your ideas and/or conclude on-going projects away from the pressures of your conventional work environment
    • Awesome opportunities to exchange ideas, inspire yourself to the next level and collaborate with other Lifebleachers to achieve your dreams
    • Exciting opportunities to explore other cultures and gain useful insights that you might apply to your own business
    • Some “Me Time” - which you could spend on the amazing array of stress management activities made available by Lifebleach resort

    This is structured networking at its best!




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    Convene + Connect + Create

    • Africa > America > Asia > Australia> Europe >>>

    Lots of ideas in your head? No idea at all but a zeal to create one?

    Bring your ideas to life and start making money by getting together with people like you who want to kickstart a business and people who already have and are willing to show how.

    Every great dream starts with a dreamer but some dreams come true when shared with those who dream like us.


    • Brainstorm with other vibrant and creative people to generate innovative ideas that can change the world and increase your bank credit
    • Learn how to kick start that new business idea with little or no capital
    • Make new friends, new partners and start living the life of your dream
    • Best of All… Go from a Rookiepreneur to an Entrepreneur

    You only live once so stop dreaming and start making plans for your perfect trip to kickstarting your new business.



    A Trip is Coming soon.

    …and will amazingly be FREE for the first 2 people who REGISTER NOW


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    Lifebeachers + Trips + Work + Fun + More Fun

    • Africa > America > Asia > Australia> Europe >>>


    Why be an island when you can spend time with many fine people in the world before the party is over?


    Go on refreshing and inimitable trips with other lifebleachers and let’s see the world together before it gets dark.


    Lifebleachers own the freedom to see the world.


    Want to go on an easy-peasy Lifebleach Trip?

    Whether you travel a little or a lot, kobotrips is open to everyone!


    Transform the way your travel…with only a few kobos you can see the world!



    Four Lifebleachers can have the best vacation of their lives, any time of the year, at a luxury apartment by the sea side, in the South of France.

    • Take a walk or run by the sea side every morning
    • Have a taste of the real French wine straight from the vine
    • Bask in the calming noon weather and...
    • Gear up for a gig in the evenings by the beach

    You don’t have to struggle through life before you can enjoy life…

    Register your interest here


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    Lifebleachers + Healthy Living

    • Africa > America > Asia > Australia> Europe >>>

    Everyone who happily desires to live healthy and enjoy the good things of life while being the change they want to see in the world belongs here.


    Join othe Healthy Lifebleacchers here


    There's a ton of deals and free resources with which you can bleach life coming here soon, so stick around to grab your code.

    You never know what's popping.

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  • Why Join Lifebleach?

    We are not making the 'kumbayaya' promise of being able to help everyone under the sun, but if you've been looking forward to a community that will help make life fairer for you then you're welcome to the lifebleach family.


    You don't need a million reasons to join us, only a few...

    As a MINDSET...

     lifebleach promises to engage those who ultimately want to change their lifestyle by starting with a change in perspective.

    As a PROCESS...

    there are no ifs or buts - you simply deserve better and together we will find a systematic approach to making this desired change.

    As a COMMUNITY...

    it is the synergy you need to launch out your ideas, projects and businesses all towards a fairer life.